CZEść !


ciao !

salut !


Chaírete !


We are polish- french couple, both artists: Ania Pawlik,
a fine art drawer/ illustrator and Carlos THOMAS,
an experimental videomaker/photographer.

We are both sharing passion for art, exhibitions and traveling. To combine all of them 2 years ago we decided to buy an ex-ambulance, and convert it into a moving gallery called 'GALLERY ON WHEELS'.

Despire a very spontenious begining of our travel, very quickly we found out what 

During these two years of living and working 'on the road' we have had an amazing opportunity to meet lots of talented  people, with who we worked on collective projects like:
- street art collaboration and video clip '3 days, 3 walls '
    with artists met on the GROLSCH400 in Amsterdam 
- performance '3 COLORS' , with a neo-classic dancer MAYA MARA
- screen printed 'MONKEY CALENDAR'  in collaboration of the  MINESWEEPER COLLECTIVE 
- screen printed collective colouring book for adults 'SEXY MANDALA'

Also to beef up our adventure we like to visit and take part in an art festivals like:  
- CRACK!FUMETTI DEROMPETI, which supports and promotes an alternative press, self publication, comics, screen printing and other traditional or experimental way of reproduction

Along with different collaborations with other artists we meet on 'the road'we want to expend 

We believe that it is importnat to have an moving exhibition/ workshop space is a new way to connect people and exchange ideas especially in place with more difficuly situations.
It is an 'ART EMERGENCY' that cures and infects people with art.

Where ever we go we organise an exhibition and collaborate with a local artists.